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Attention all space citizens! We urgently need a new spacefaring member for the Intergalactic Post Office, to deliver space junk to all good space friends!! Are you willing to step up to the challenge?

See Postmaster Armold (the crab) for details, at 33 Space House, Spaceton, Space. 

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Tags2D, Arcade, delivery, otter2d, Pixel Art, rainbowjam, Space


SpaceDelivery_RJ2018.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

Hey! Thanks for downloading my RainbowJam18 game, Space Delivery!

Run "RJ2018.exe" to play.

==== Controls ====
    Up/Down Arrow Keys to Navigate, Enter to Select.

    Up Arrow Key: Accelerate
    Down Arrow Key: Brake
    Left Arrow Key: Turn Left
    Right Arrow Key: Turn Right
    Z Key: Fire Tether Beam At Targeted Object (An Orange Square Will Surround Object Close By)
    X Key: Talk To Space Friends (An ! Bubble Will Appear)
There's a MINIMAP/RADAR available at the bottom of the screen:
    Red Dot: You
    Cyan Dot: Space Friend
    Purple Dot: Space Junk for Delivery
    Pale Brown Dot: Rock

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