A downloadable arcade thrillblast for Windows

WELCOME TO DA-DA-DASHBONK! Help antivirus program ST1NG8EE clean up all the bugs in the system! Crash through cyberspace at reckless speed, and blast your way to victory!

Gameplay instructions:

Use the arrow keys or a controller d-pad to control ST1NG8EE and guide them around the maze. You can't attack enemies directly - instead, slam into the walls to perform a DASHBONK! If you're travelling fast enough, you'll create a powerful blast that can destroy those bugs! Wipe out all the bugs in a stage to open the doors; run through the open doors to advance to the next level!!

Made by @DrMelon and @tackyvillain for GGJ2020!

SAFETY NOTE: If you have a photosensitive condition, please be aware that this game features loud music and flashing lights. 


DADADASHBONK-postjam-win.zip 35 MB
dadadashbonk-win-jamver.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the zipfile and run "DADADASHBONK.exe" to play!

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