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A vertical scrolling arcade shooter where you're piloting a scrap-metal spaceship, and its weapon system is using a manual transmission gearbox! 

How long can you survive against the much sleeker United Space Federation Forces?

Built for Global Game Jam 2018, by @DrMelon and @tackyvillain.
Best played with an Xbox 360 controller or Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel. 


Rustbuquet-GGJ2018.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

Unzip to a location of your choosing.

Run Transmission.exe for Keyboard/Controller, and Transmission_Wheel.exe for the Racing Wheel version.



Shoot down enemy ships with the various weapons on your spaceship! Some ships are immune to certain weapons, so make sure to switch frequently.
Game-over happens if you run out of time; shoot down ships to add time to the clock.

There are three weapons
Gatling Laser - Hold to rev it up, and release when fully charged to fire!
Horn - Beep your horn. This probably won't help.
Homing Missiles - Press fire to launch radar-guided missiles! Wait for them to reload before firing again.

Best played with an Xbox 360 controller or Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel. 

Controls for Xbox 360 Controller:

ControllerGame Action
Left StickMove Ship
RTFire Current Weapon
LTEngage Weapon Switch Gearbox Clutch
Right Stick Left/RightSwitch Weapon (While Clutch Pressed)

Controls for Racing Wheel:

ControllerGame Action
Steer Left/RightMove Ship Left/Right
Gear Up LeverMove Ship Up
Switch Weapon (While Clutch Pressed)
Gear Down LeverMove Ship Down
Switch Weapon (While Clutch Pressed)
Left PedalEngage Weapon Switch Gearbox Clutch
Right PedalFire Current Weapon

Controls for Keyboard:

ControllerGame Action
Arrow KeysMove Ship
ZFire Current Weapon
Left ShiftEngage Weapon Switch Gearbox Clutch
A / DSwitch Weapon (While Clutch Pressed)