A downloadable game for Windows

What dupliferous thief lurks in the shadows? After all, this mansion is guarded by Hot Mics, the latest in soundwave-driven protection technology! Interestingly, they weren't built with any eyes, just very, very good hearing.

So! Leap into the limelight and make off with the owner's prized piggybank! Just remember, you'll have to stay quiet...



* Arrow Keys / DPad: Run

* Z Key / A Button: Jump, Start Game

* X Key / X Button: Get Pig, Throw Pig

Install Instructions: Run PorcelainPorkPurloiner.exe!


This was made for Global Game Jam 2017, for the "Waves" theme!


Art: @tackyvillain

Code: @drmelon

Music: APM Production Library

This project was made using the Otter2D framework, by Kyle Pulver!


PorcelainPorkPurloiner.zip (Jam Version) 13 MB

Install instructions

Install Instructions: Unzip somewhere nice and run PorcelainPorkPurloiner.exe!